Cold Full Moon

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cold full moon dreamboard
cold full moon dreamboard

In my board I see the clean, dry cold of a crispy morning, frozen rowan berries hiding their promise of life, the flash of a homecoming salmon. And 6 glorious weeks of not teaching! My relief and longing for the quiet calm of a frozen lake, my love of winter. I think it’s a time for taking stock and contemplation of what changes I’ll make in the coming year. A time to let my creativity recover and play.

I have a special love for that rowan berry felt bowl. I once had a coat made from fabric very like that. It was brought from Norway for me as a child and I loved it dearly. Seeing the bowl I could feel the rub of it against my fingers and just for a moment reconnect with that 8 year old who was fascinated by stories of the Sami. So I hope this month my creativity is going to spark and dance like the fires of the Sami on those long dark northern nights.

By the way, I’m not into the whole cosmic ordering stuff. I just see dream boards as a great tool for connecting with my much neglected, often ignored (both by me!) creative side.
You can see other people’s dream boards for this month via Jamie’s Blog


18 thoughts on “Cold Full Moon

  1. Thanks Susie. 6 weeks away from teaching, though not from working should give me some space to let my imagination flow. I like the white space too, it feels cool and tranquil 🙂 I must remember not to fill it up too fast!

  2. Oh, I really love your story about the rowan berry felt owl, your childhood coat and stories of the Sami! I hope your holiday break will give you the white space you need to bring out the creativity you may have had more time for as an 8 year old! May your dreams come true!

    1. The Sami were one of my passions, along with Mongolian gers (mustn’t call them yurts, although I often forget!) and felt making. The joys of topic based education 🙂 I spent a whole term working on them when I was 8. Maybe it’s that sense of immersion that will help my creative side. Thanks Kate

  3. How beautiful! I see you and I share similar colour stories 🙂 I just want to keep looking at the beauty.

    I’m so glad you found us, Linda. Welcome to the Full Moon Dreamboard Circle. May this be the beginning of many shared magical moments.

    Have a beautiful holiday and may all of your dreams come true!

    1. Hi Jamie, flickr is an amazing source of gorgeous images but the funny thing is most of these come from friends and contacts! Yes, our boards do share a sense of colour, as do several of the other participants. Interesting isn’t it?

    1. Hi Emily, I love owls too and those two are gorgeous! Those eyes look right into me! Similar themes seem to be recurring in many people’s boards this month.

  4. Cosmic ordering isn’t my thing really, either! But reminding myself what I want out of life is always important… you wouldn’t think it was so easy to forget : )

    1. I know kazari- how could we not know that it’s important to give our creativity space to play??? And yet so hard to remember!

  5. Linda, it’s wonderful to see what you came up with. These words really jumped out at me:”So I hope this month my creativity is going to spark and dance like the fires of the Sami on those long dark northern nights.” – dance like the fires of the Sami… wonderful

    PS Thanks for including one of my images too – it’s wonderful to feel that sense of connection

    1. Hi Joanna, LOL I was pleased with that phrase too 🙂 Your rowan heart set me off on the path that led to the dream board so it had to be there. I think it was your nature table post that started me thinking about it! So many thanks for that.

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