Clearing Away the Clutter

Clearing away clutter is a great way for me to really start to make progress with things. What things? Just about everything. My mind is a bit of a rag bag of cluttered unfinished projects at the moment.

Hmm, that’s familiar – when I used to sew my work basket was always overflowing with UFOs (Un Finished Objects!) and gorgeous bits of fabric that I couldn’t resist. Hours would be spent planning things I never had time to start let alone finish. So I made it a rule that I couldn’t start a new project or buy fabric, no matter how tempting, till I’d either finished or abandoned and thrown away (eek!) one from the stack.  I think I need to re-introduce this rule but apply it to my web projects.

My main focus this month is working on a number of key phrases for our main properties, adding posts, tagging, back linking etc. It’s going quite well I think and I’m enjoying having identified goals to work to for once. Usually I’m much more free flow in what I do so this is an interesting challenge.

There are still the usual round of blog posts for other sites to get through but I’m shelving a couple of little tempting project that have been tickling at the back of my mind and draining creative energy for the last few weeks. Enough is going on already. No more new fabric till these projects are finished!

Oh and I’ve almost finished restoring my vintage curtains :-).


4 thoughts on “Clearing Away the Clutter

  1. I’ve been looking at your notes. It all makes sense to clear away and sort as you go along. I’ve used this technique at work for the last 5 weeks and now I am seeing the benefits of methodical clearing and filing.

  2. I know to do this with physical stuff but omehow I forgot to apply it to my online projects. Things have been soo much better since I did this. Easy to see where I’m up to and what still needs to be done. Nice to see you here Louise 🙂

  3. Ah, clutter. I have managed to get my house somewhat livable but not my work room. I can clear my desk with some effort, but the room itself is getting smaller and smaller with things placed aside for later, and finished work that hasn’t been sold yet. And my computer… I can’t seem to throw anything away, though I can organize it.

    I also suffer from being disorganized in my blogging and projects. It’s a lifelong trait and existed even when I worked full time. I just had a lot of deadlines that directed where to focus. Without those deadlines I tend to drift…

  4. I find deadlines very helpful. I write a monthly column for an education magazine and I’ve never missed it yet. Yet self imposed ones are almost useless. Talking of computers I had an unexpected chance to clear mine up recently. The hard drive died! EEK! Luckily all my important files were safely backed up online but I lost loads of junk. Can’t say I’ve missed it and it’s amazing how much better my iBook is running!

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