I’ve had a strange few weeks since my last post on here. My December dreamboard didn’t quite bring the space, fire and creative energy I’d hoped for. December brought its own gifts and troubles quite apart from anything I might have wanted.
I’ve been questioning again just what this space is about. I’ve never been very keen on keeping a diary, much less a public one, so that’s a slightly uncomfortable fit.
And yet, I like to blog maybe I just enjoy writing. The dream board experiment was partly to see if it brought engagement with a wider community. From that point of view it sort of worked. People were kind and welcoming, generous with their comments. Six weeks later very few of them have stayed in my feedreader or my twitter and I suspect I haven’t stayed in theirs. Not enough common ground I suspect.
Where to find engagement then? I’ve become so used to this online world I miss the feeling of community interaction but I just can’t work out where to find it. I do know, though, that it is worth finding.
As for the projects in the last post. The main task continues and has had some success. Some of the UFOs just kind of quietly went ahead and formed themselves to the next stage without much thought on my part. So there’s a bit of learning. I can just wait and see what comes up next.
As for the vintage curtains, they should be back up later today. There might be a photo!


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