Washing and the scent of memory


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Cellardyke to Crail-0
Here’s the washing at North Berwick waving to the famous harbour washing line in Cellardyke the other side of the Isle of May.


There’s something about a line of clean washing blowing in the sun in a good sea breeze that gladdens my heart. The washing absorbs the sun and the sea and you get a hint of that when it’s gathered in. Great armfulls of cold, slightly damp fabric that smells of the clean salt sea wind.
When you come to iron it the washing will take the heat from the iron and start to give you back that gorgeous scent. The kitchen will fill with that heady, evocative smell of sun and salt air and it will be softer and nicer than any chemical could ever make it.
Eventually you, or someone you love, will wear that shirt, maybe weeks later and that faint clean, salt, smell will linger, taking you right back to that cold sunny day.
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One thought on “Washing and the scent of memory

  1. : ) I just posted about hanging out the washing, too!
    It’s such a lovely, satisfying feeling bringing in the washing. Mine is usually bone dry though, and never smells like the sea – instead it smells of sun and garden.

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