First Drawing and Supplies

What fun! I am entitled to buy some art supplies just for me. I actually need:
Compressed charcoal
Willow charcoal (optional)
An ink drawing pen
A brush
Pencils (well I already have a nice set of sketching pencils somewhere?)
A new sketchbook
Assorted paper
Of course I instantly panic and think I should make do with what I’ve got around me. Entitlement is not easy for me somehow…
I had an interesting time with the drawing exercise today. I suppose I should have re-read the instructions before I started but I didn’t. It worked out fine but took me quite a bit longer than the time I’d set aside.
Now I have two drawings. One really bad and one slightly better.

My first attempt at drawing for several years!

The best thing was that for a few moments I totally lost myself in the act of drawing. There, that’s it. That’s what I was looking for. That feeling of being totally present in the moment. I used to get it from throwing on the wheel. Flow state? Maybe. Whatever it is it is something I really do need. So I’m going shopping for art supplies.


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