Drawing Course – Exploring line

I’m still on Unit 2 of the Tate Online Drawing Course and I’ve just started exploring the use of a searching line.
This is quite good fun! The results are diabolical but I’m getting used to it not being about the result. I’m back on that old familiar ladder of conscious incompetence, knowing I that know nothing again :-). ‘Unlearning’ as Judy described it in a recent blog comment exchange. And actually I quite like it! Normally I find this a really hard part of the learning process but hey, maybe I’m actually getting better at learning!
It’s quite freeing not to have expectations of a ‘good’ outcome. If it works and I accidentally produce something I like it feels amazing. If, as more often, it just looks a mess, I can just turn the page. Like being 6 again when drawing was pure joy and sketchbooks filled in hours.
It’s the speed of this exercise that seems to have unblocked something in me. Draw it in 3 minutes, then 2 then 1. There’s no scope for fussing and tight little details. Finally I’m seeing lines. Hurray!


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