Today it is pouring with rain. Never min…

Today it is pouring with rain. Never mind. I must send back the keys to the gorgeous house we stayed in over Christmas to their lucky owners. SO I glance at the rain which seems to have eased slightly and and the clock which says 20 to 1. Just time to nip to the local post office then. You think? Think again.
When I get there the counter is shut. The clock clearly states it is 10 to 1. A sign proclaims “Closed 1-2” I ask the man at the shop counter. He says “is shut, is gone to lynch, (sic) Was no one here so went at 12:30”
I assume he meant ‘lunch’ though lynching is closer to my own thoughts. “So they’ll be back at 1:30 then?” I ask, hopefully.
“No, sign says, 2 but will be later. Only come back when there’s a line.”
I give up. We’re ‘lucky’ to still have a post office in a local shop and it seems we should be grateful and prepared to stand in a queue in the hopes they will decide to open.
I’ll wait till I can get to a big post office and hope for better treatment.


2 thoughts on “Today it is pouring with rain. Never min…

  1. Our local post office is fabulous … and really friendly 🙂

    We had all the rain yesterday, which meant it was incredibly slippy this morning with black ice everywhere.

    Love the photos from you and Andy … looks idyllic.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Happy New Year Eve! It was idylic and I’m missing it badly. Somehow I wouldn’t have been at all annoyed by this if it had happened in Spain. I just don’t expect ‘mañana’ in London! Amazing what a difference the sun makes.

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