Thinking about art

Artists of the Round Table
Artists of the Round Table

I just joined an art group Artists of the Round Table. I’ve been drawing more or less every day in a little black notebook ever since I started the Tate Drawing course and I thought this looked like an interesting and friendly community. They ask some interesting questions in their first email so I thought I’d share my answers here.

What arts and crafts do you have skills in?

Sewing, embroidery, batik, knitting, ceramics, painting furniture, photography.

Which one(s are) is your current obsession?
Drawing with a pen. Life journalling. Sketching in a notebook. I’m eyeing up adding watercolours.
What colors are your “Fun Colors?”
I’ve got a thing about sepia just at the moment. I love earth tones. I want to explore other palettes – blues maybe. I used to have a thing about celandine glazes, oh and fat whites. I like colour!

How did you “fall in love,” with art?

Playing with my dad’s drawing inks and watercolours whilst sitting under his drawing board aged about 6  or maybe learning to use his SLR or helping him to develop films.

Did you have a mentor or someone who inspired you to begin your artistic adventures?

My Dad was an architect and always encouraged me to sketch and paint watercolours. He just believed everyone can be taught to draw reasonably well. Later I ran into art teachers who seemed to disagree & somehow their opinion mattered more to me than his. Sad really. My Gran  taught me to sew, embroider, appliqué, quilt and knit. Somehow over the years I produced lot of stuff and gave most of it away. I didn’t value it and so neither did anyone else.
Recently I’ve been pulled back to drawing. I treated myself to an on line drawing course with the Tate Gallery recently and really enjoyed it. I suppose Michael Nobbs’ blog Sustainably Creative and his book Start to Draw Your Life set me off in this direction.
What do you hope to glean from the A.R.T. community?
Support and inspiration would be great.  Maybe a little accountability so that I commit to projects.
Raw Art Journaling

I’m hoping to join their Raw Art Journaling Workshop which is based on Raw Art Journaling: Making Meaning, Making Art by Quinn McDonald

Quinn also has an excellent  blog at Quin Creative which I’m enjoying reading. There’s lots on there about writing as well as art so I’m very happy to have found it.


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