30 days of relflection & walking

diagram of reflection
Reflection - from my degree exhibition

I’m reviving an old practice.Reflection and walking reflection formed a huge part of my degree and have slipped out of my daily practice over the last year. For the next 30 days I’m returning to them.

Quinn has invited people to join her in a 30 day experiment. I’ll use it in my own way of course, rather than stick to the given guidelines. No surprises there then!  It’s come at a good time and what I’m going to do is a return to daily reflective practice. I’ll start by using ‘What? So What? Now What?’ for a week. That’s a nice gentle introduction into the habit. I’m toying with using occasional reflective splurges, maybe some fiction, maybe Gibbs, all the reflective tools I learnt at Ultraversity. Once a week I’ll take what I’ve done and do a double loop reflection. That should shake things up a bit! LOL!

I’m also going back to walking as a form of reflection. I used this a lot when I did the degree. Quinn’s version is meditative but that’s not my way. I shall be walking and chewing over my reflections, using that extra oxygen and the rhythm of my steps to help the thinking process.

I’ll be using this blog as a learning journal but as always it will be the insights and action planning that gets reported here, not the writing itself. That needs to be private.

Other people are doing this too and they can all be found in Quinn’s sidebar and, hopefully some of them in my comments section!



4 thoughts on “30 days of relflection & walking

  1. Thanks for coming along on the journey–it’s so enriching when we travel together in our own ways. Each of us knows how to do the deep work in ways that work. It doesn’t have to be the way anyone else does it–just in ways that have good results for you. I’m so glad you are here with me. I feel less alone when I know others are on the same path. And even if I know it theoretically, I love it when I get confirmation emotionally!

    1. Thanks for the comment Quinn. I like the idea of a community travelling together too, that feeling will really help me on cold wet mornings!

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