Meet Mrs Sensible

Mrs Sensible is one of my sneakier ‘gremlins’ or ‘monsters’. She’s a sort of passive aggressive inner critic and highly destructive. I painted this little sketch of her a while back and just felt like sharing it here. I’m trying out the possibility of sharing a bit more of my daily drawings.

Mrs Sensible advises loudly against it

“Oh no, dear, don’t do that! No one wants to see your sordid little  scribbles. They’ll just laugh at you and then you’ll be sad.”

"Oh dear, are you sure this is a good idea?"



2 thoughts on “Meet Mrs Sensible

  1. Ha ha, Linda! I’ve got a Mrs Sensible too. Poor dear, she doesn’t have much effect on me.

    But I’ve also got a MORE monster — that stands for More Organized, Responsible, and Efficient — who picks up on things Mrs Sensible says and reframes it into “you need to be MORE organized, etc… One of these days I need to have a conversation with her.

    (I came here from the Fluent Self. Can you tell?)

    1. Hi Vicki, my Mrs Sensible is insidious. It’s too easy for her to sound like the voice of reason rather than a monster at all! Yep, I can tell where you came from 🙂 Welcome.

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