Hello Lammas


Lammas Day is today, the first day of August so I thought I’d say hello to the new month and have a think about what I want to bring to it. Lammas always used to mean the start of the end of summer when I lived in Scotland. Only two weeks to the new school term, the first part of August was a time to savour. Those long, dreamy, last beach days seemed so precious. It was a time for raspberries, picking brambles on hot sticky days, summer pudding and making crowdie, for partan pie and picnics. A time of sudden thunder that cracked the sky when rain poured over me like a bucket of water from a blue sky and then was gone.

Then it was almost the middle and time for the Lammas Market. The town filled with stalls and rides, towels and sets of china to buy from big vans with barkers, Romany  caravans with amazing displays of fancy china and shiny mirrors. The helterskelter just by the Citizen office, the old fashioned gallopers and the dogems beside Luvians.

Before then, when I was little, it was the time to buy crayons and supplies for the new school year. Scratchy new clothes and shoes too. It was also a time to savour because my Scots friends would all be going back to school but I usually had another couple of weeks holiday with Nana. This was my revenge for their early start, for their already being brown and half feral before I’d even started my holiday. My two extra weeks of pottering round the town, reading, sewing and pleasing myself while they were back behind desks was made all the more pleasurable for knowing that was where they were.

What do I want to bring from then to this month? Well, something akin to those feelings of it being a time to savour and enjoy. Picnics, yes, I think some picnics would be nice. A few ‘beach’ days, but with no need for a beach. (Next month will supply lots of those!) I like the idea of taking out some sandwiches and going off for a gentle day out doing nothing much. A boat perhaps? Yes, a day on or by the Thames 🙂 so that’s either Richmond by boat or a train then a boat down to Teddington Lock. A day at Hampstead Heath might do the trick too. Ok so there’s a couple of good days out and no need to mention or worry about the O word!

Who cares if it’s wet!  I’d love to order up some good weather but August can go either way. The trick is to be ready to grab the good days and to work the rest.

Lammas day salad

What else do I want from August? Lots of fresh, raw fruit and vegetables. Easy 🙂 and a good start made today already.

That feeling of preparing for the coming term. It’s too soon to even think about that now but I can feel it just around the corner. Maybe I’ll start to think about supplies and things I might need, just let it start to tickle the back of my mind while I enjoy these August days.

A project. I always loved a summer project and these long expansive days will give me a chance to think of one. So I’d like to give myself permission to do that, to skip some stones, to be open to new ideas and let something emerge, if it will.

I’m looking for feelings of ease, for island time, where things get done without too much hassle and with a sense of there being plenty. The start of mellow fruitfulness I suppose.


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