Creativity Course Online

Creativity Course Online
An Andy Goldsworthy moment at Lulworth Cove

Doing a creativity course online rather than face to face might seem an odd choice but to me it seems quite natural. Obviously I’m no stranger to online learning. I’ve already done my degree and several courses since then via technology. Last year I did Quinn’s Raw Art class, the year before I joined the Tate Online drawing class. Both years I did Andy’s Songwriters Circle course, contributing a little to the teaching but mostly just taking part. I also teach on line (Classroom Displays Course). Once a year or so I like to do an online course myself partly for my own satisfaction and partly to see what good ideas and techniques I can pick up. I try to pick an area tangential to mine, so that I get to indulge another side of myself.

A Creativity Course Online

This year I’m going to do a creativity course online with Jani Franck (@janifranck). Her course is called UnEarth Your Creative Nature, lasts three weeks and is free. It looks very interesting and I’m intrigued by her use of video, something I know I should be doing! She is using a private Facebook Group for the community and I shall be interested to see how that works. I  have not found it  a great choice in the past for course communities really, all things considered. I’d like to see if she can make it stay on topic. Old fashioned email lists like Artist of The Round Table may be a bit antiquated but they do keep a sharp focus. I’ve tried using blog comments for my class communities recently but then you are left with the tricky job of clearing out the comments at the end of the course. Forums have their own issues, even the private ones get spam attacks!

Mostly though this is not meant to a be meta course but a chance to unlock my own creativity.

Anyway here’s Jani explaining a bit about the course:

UnEarth your Creative Nature! from Jani Franck on Vimeo.

Do join us if you fancy it!

Creativity Course Online
Click here to visit Jani Franck.

Jani runs several other creativity courses including the wonderful Follow the Butterflies.Click here to visit Jani Franck.


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