Macrame is back

You could just buy one!

Macramé is back? It seems so, along with a lot of other things I think of as part of my past. (Orange and brown, union bashing, inflation…) It will be flares and tank tops next! A friend was trying to make a macramé plant pot holder. (Stop giggling at the back there!) You know the sort of thing? Jute or string, big wooden brown, orange or occasionally green beads? Lots of intricate knots. Ah my lost youth…

Macramé is Crack

Oh, but I loved my macramé. Aged from about 15 I produced an endless stream of plant pot holders. I got books from Rochdale library and poured over the instructions. I progressed to imported American craft magazines. I got a cork tile and some mapping pins so I could do the harder sennits. See, I began to learn the language. The plant holder is a gateway drug, though and I soon progressed to making hideously complicated bags and from plain old string to fancy macramé cord. Ever the purist, for ages I would only use natural materials. Then I went over to the dark side and fell for some black nylon macramé cord. I made an unbelievably complicated evening bag, lined it with terracotta silk. Trust me it was gorgeous.

It still wasn’t enough. I decided to do the ultimate and make a hammock. Huge amounts of nylon cord, beads and hours of swearing later it was over. I turned my back on sennits and turk’s head knots, gave away my macramé cords. Kept the wooden beads though, they were too yummy to get rid of!

So when a friend popped up on her blog explaining how hard she’d found it to get hold of instruction for a macramé pot holder, muggins here had to chip in and say “I could probably still show you how”.  I will, but not tonight, maybe next week. Meanwhile feast your eyes on this rather glorious selection:
Macrame Shop



2 thoughts on “Macrame is back

  1. I love Macramé! I have kept my huge bundles of natural hemp to make something with…. Doggy play tools? But a hammoc… What a great idea! Do you have recepy or measurements for this kind of work? I made pot holders and still have mine from when I was 17 years old.I made owls, ohhhh those were the days… i also made wall coverings 2,5mx1,5meters huges projects for a company and their meetingroom. Took forever to make, and made me caugh a lot. Sigh, what good memory macramė brings back…. Thank you for this post! Hugs from your friend in Norway!

    1. Ah Harriet, another former addict! I see you went much further than me though. I do not have the pattern for the hammock. I think I threw it away shortly after I gave up. As for the owls, well that really brings back memories! I loved making those owls and I’d forgotten all about them! It’s so nice to get blog hugs all the way from Norway 🙂 I send hugs in return from London!

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