If you’ve come here from my twitter profile what might entice you to follow me? Depends who you are really.

I follow people who talk to me so long as their profile doesn’t look spammy (Don’t have a keyword based name, 3 updates, follow more than 1000 people and have very few followers) Occasionally if someone tweets about one of my interests I might chip in. If what I say isn’t of interest to you I won’t be offended if you ignore me 🙂

On Twitter I interact with people. I’ll talk back if you @lindiop. I often post links to things I find interesting. I re-tweet if I think it’s important or I want to add a comment.

It took me a long time to ‘get’ twitter and find people to talk to but it’s definitely worth the effort. I think it’s especially important if you are like me and you work at home. Twitter takes the place of those ‘familiar strangers’ that people who go out to work see all the time.

I use tweetdeck to manage my twitter account and I wouldn’t want to be without it. Using a client (installed on my mac) was one of the things that first made twitter worthwhile. Can’t recommend it too highly!

I blog in several different places.

Education – if you are interested in my education work have a look at Acting to Improve and Classroom Displays

Writing – if you are interested in my writing you’re in the right place 🙂


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