Sugaring the Pill – My Article in Sharing Good Practice

Modesty prevents me from saying who wrote the lead article in the current issue of the ICTopus Sharing Good Practice magazine 🙂

” Issue 8 of Sharing Good Practice is now available. This issue looks at three very diverse aspects of social interaction: Linda Hartley writes about teachers and teaching assistants using blogs, wikis and other forms of social software for informal professional development, Janice Staines tell us about some great resources for citizenship education and in the Inclusion slot we have an anonymous article on the ways in which technology has enabled one special child to communicate.”

My article, Sugaring the Pill, is about using blogs and wikis for informal learning by making stuff that’s relevant and useful to teachers and teaching assistants, things like the Classroom Displays Blog and Usefulwiki. The idea for the article came from a blog post I did a while ago Why is it so hard for educators to focus on their own learning?

The magazine is a pdf file and you have to create a log-in to view or download, for now. Creating a registration is a good idea as you don’t just get access to the pdfs but also good lesson ideas for integrating technology too. ICTopus is brought to you from some folks who were very involved in BECTA and has some great stuff. Sharing Good Practice has been going for a few months now and is usually a good read, with one lead article and some regular features.

Sometimes it feels like a bind to have to create a registration but it’s often the only way for funded projects to actually track and show impact to their stake holders. That ability to show impact is vital to continued funding and it’s a growing problem in the online world. But that’s another blog post….

ICTopus Sharing Good Practice magazine


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